Escaping from Ukraine…
Escaping from Ukraine…

Escaping from Ukraine…

Escaping from Ukraine…

Encountering (probably) identity fraud at the Historic Home…
(unless it is some kind of technical computer failure)

At the Hitwadut by Arierl Sokolovskij I met two Jewish refugees from Ukraine. Shimon and Simha Kaplan. Father and son. Apparently, they fell victim to some kind of the identity fraud, thus, currently they are not able to receive any pecuniary assistance from the State of Israel. They have roof over the head (gratitude to Ariel Sokolovskij)… But any assistance would be welcome: food, clothing, words of encouragement and appreciation on returning to Eretz Israel.

Shimon and Simha Kaplan. Father and son. Escaping from Ukraine,

Simha Uri Kaplan is going through the very uneasy and difficult period in his life… Currently in the city of Safed, in Israel… But in a way he is lucky… When escaping from Ukraine via the border with Moldova, he was not wounded, or physically damaged… Physically Simha was and is unscathed. But what he and his dad (Shimon Kaplan, 72 years of age) did have to go through… it is a very traumatic experience… Fleeing… Fleeing for life, attempting to survive… when the ones who are supposed to protect you, do attempt kill you…

…Quiet soothing evenings in Safed… Simha’s voice does not tremble, but his eyes are very sad. He is depressed…

When trying to cross the border into Moldova from Ukraine, the group he was a part of was shot at. Some people were wounded… Simha was lucky: neither bullets, nor shrapnel did touch him. But revisiting this horror is a very traumatic recollection. 

Who did fire at them? Were these the Ukrainian (of the Republic of Ukraine) border guards – border police? Or the local paramilitary “vigilantes”? At this stage it is very unclear and murky. It must be investigated. 

But the most important and gladdening thing is, that Shimon and Simha Uri Kaplan were able to return to the Historic Motherland!!! To The State of Israel!!! Although emotionally in a very problematic condition (traumatized), but, at least, in unscathed bodies…

Shimon and Simha Uri Kaplan do hope for the better future and do hope, that theirs identity fraud “predicament” would be resolved in the most near future.

They also do worry about their little property (three rooms “Kruschevka” apartment) being left behind in Kiev. What would happen to it?.. Would it be confiscated or taken away?

They did have experience in the art of television… if they could be re-joining somehow this media milieu professionally, undoubtedly, it would be a very helpful and good opportunity for theirs psychological rehabilitation. 

As I mentioned earlier,  Shimon and Simha Kaplan, apparently, did fell victims to the identity fraud crime… (Someone under the identity of Simha Uri Kaplan does already live in The State of Israel… This case is being currently investigated by the pertinent authorities of The State of Israel). Hopefully, that “predicament” would be resolved in the most near future. But right now, because of this identity fraud Shimon and Uri Kaplan cannot get registered neither as refugees, nor as new repatriated (Ole Hadashim). Thus, they cannot receive and are not being eligible for any governmental pecuniary support. 

Their contact numbers are as follows:
Shimon and SimhaKaplan: +380937514003 (with WhatsApp)
Shimon Kaplan: +972-(0)559640169

5 April 2022

Pinkhas Frizen

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  1. Антон Артёмов

    Вышесказанное, на мой взгляд, даже и комментировать не нужно…
    За последние 10 лет мир просто сошёл с ума.
    Желаю искренне всем пострадавшим от беспредела на Земле не падать духом и суметь пережить нынешнюю смуту времён!

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