2021 September
2021 September

Assessment of Demand for Consulting Services and Business Education of Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan

The article presents the results of the study regarding the demand for consulting services and business education of entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan. Depending on the degree of temporary requirements for knowledge and actual marketing situation, the author classifies the educational demand into three levels: “catching-up”, “maintaining”, and “development”

Immigrant Communities as Expert Bodies and Actors of Juvenile Justice

In Germany, the State may intervene in the parents’ rights to bring up children only in justified exceptional cases. Article 3, paragraph 1 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child stipulates that “In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.”

The last period of the Russo-Turkish War 1768–1774 in the Mirror of the German-language St.Petersburg Newspaper

The war between the Russian and Ottoman Empires was Russia’s first major military conflict under the rule of the Empress Catherine II. As a result of this war, the Russian Empire conquered the vast but sparsely populated areas on the northern coast of the Black Sea and, a little later, the Crimean peninsula. The new country was christened New Russia. This name reappears in the 21st century from oblivion.